BlinkyTube Assembly Instructions

The BlinkyTube is a 1.1 meter long frame to mount your BlinkyTape inside. It was offered as a KickStarter reward for the BlinkyTape. Here’s how to put yours together.

Step 1: Check the Parts

image001The BlinkyTube should come with the following parts included:

  • Mounting Brackets (2)
  • Endcap with slot cut out for the USB cable (1)
  • Endcap without a slot cut out (1)
  • Screws to attach the endcaps to the aluminum channel (8)
  • Plastic retention plate (says ‘BlinkyTape’ on it) (1)
  • Plastic diffusor top (1)
  • Aluminum channel, with double-sided tape attached (1)

The BlinkyTape and USB cable were shipped separately, but are needed to complete these instructions.

In addition, you will also need a small Philips screwdriver to screw the endcaps in place.

Step 2: Remove the tape backing from the Aluminum Channel


Peel back the protective coating from the tape. The bottom of the channel should now be sticky and ready for the BlinkyTape to be mounted!

Step 3: Stick the BlinkyTape to the tube


Center the BlinkyTape in the Aluminum channel (the tube is a little longer than the tape, to make room for the USB cable at one end). Set the tape down gently in the channel, then press the tape down firmly to secure it.

Step 4: Secure the USB cable using the plastic retention plate


Slide the plastic retention plate into the Aluminum tube to secure the USB cable.

Step 5: Attach the Endcap with USB cable slot.


Use a screwdriver to attach the endcap with the USB slot cutout to the side of the aluminum channel that the USB cable is coming out of. The cable should be loosely constrained by the endcap and the retention plate.

Step 6: Peel the protective tape from the diffuser


There should be a layer of protective shrink tape covering the diffuser. The diffuser looks much better if you remove it, and now is a perfect time!

Step 7: Attach the diffuser to the Aluminum Channel


Snap the diffuser into the aluminum channel. There is a small groove at the top of the channel that the edges of the diffuser should fit nicely into.

Step 8: Screw the Endcap without slot into place


Screw the remaining endcap into the other side of the aluminum channel.

Step 9: Enjoy!