BlinkyTape bike indicators

Roo Reynolds built this bike turn signal indicator using a BlinkyTape. It has three modes (front, left turn, right turn), which he can cycle through using the control button built into the tape. Nice build!


  1. Xan says:

    Looks cool, but I see at least 2 problems:

    1) Switching between modes through cycling with the button is very confusing. You need to indicate a left turn, even for a fraction of a second, to indicate right turn, and it’s easy to mess up. (BTW, BlinkinLabs, if you’re going to update the hardware design, sneak in a second button).

    2) Imagine how this would look in low light. Like something is drifting to the side. For it to be readable it should still have immobile “marker” lights at the ends.

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