Howto: Controlling BlinkyTiles using Arduino+FastLED

Jason Coon put together an excellent tutorial on controlling BlinkyTile with Arduino and the FastLED library:

This tutorial will guide you through connecting a BlinkyTile sculpture (I made the standard dodecahedron) to a microcontroller. The same basic instructions will apply to just about any microcontroller, but we’ll be using an Arduino Uno. I’ve also tested with a Teensy 3.1.

He also used this technique to fit a controller, battery, and accelerometer inside a ball. Pretty sweet!


From the Blinkinlabs Store:

BlinkyTile kits are now in stock! Get them in the Blinkinlabs Store!

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  1. Alberto Tellez says:

    Hello, , can you tell me please how to play animation from software pattern paint in arduino uno? I saw pattern paint can to export animation to file.h for arduino but I dont know how can I put this file.h in arduino,thanks a lot

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