I love it when a plan comes together


Great news! After a couple of bonus delays, we’ve just heard back from our shipping company that all of our rewards have just shipped! (With one partial exception, see below.) We should have tracking numbers in a couple of days, and we plan on sending those out as soon as we get them. Our shipping estimate is about two weeks.

In other news, we just pushed a big update to blinkinlabs.com which makes it a better-looking, and makes it a little easier to find info on blinkytape usage. This includes a brand-new forum at http://forums.blinkinlabs.com/ where we hope that many of you will share your progress.

Now about that exception: we’re still working to get the tubes out. If you opted for one of the ‘Tubular’ rewards, the tape itself that you ordered is on the way, and the tube itself should follow in another week or two.

Thanks again for your support, and we’ll be in touch soon with your tracking info!

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