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Hey everyone,

Guess what: almost all rewards are shipped, and BlinkyTapes are now in the hands of backers. We’re really pleased by this, and we have a few other exciting things to say too.

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BlinkyTape for sale!

We’re very pleased to announce that additional BlinkyTapes are now available for sale at two of our favorite retailers, Adafruit Industries and Seeed Studio. We recommend both of them highly.

For now, both are offering the basic BlinkyTape package (strip & USB cable), but both should have great options for alternative USB power sources. As for BlinkyTubes,we are working on a recommendation for good, easy-to-source diffuser solutions – stay tuned for a future update on that.

Which brings us to…

BlinkyTube Shipping Status

For those of you who ordered BlinkyTubes, we have received the tubes themselves and are now working on the shipping logistics. Unfortunately, our main shipper was unable to handle these because of their size. We have a couple of potential solutions, and we hope to have the packages on their way shortly. We apologize for the delay.

Community: Forum and Social Media

The most exciting part of a project like this is watching what happens when people finally get their hands on it. We’re so happy to see this happening with BlinkyTape, and we love hearing what you’re saying about it. Thank you to anyone who has followed or (re)tweeted @blinkinlabs or @blinkytape.

The BlinkyTape Forum has also come alive with great stuff – head over there if you want to share something neat you’ve made, or need some help. We’ve been checking in regularly, and community members are also stepping up to help each other out, which is really awesome to see.

Shipping difficulties?

It seems like most of our packages are making their way without trouble, but we’re here to help if not. We’ve heard that packages to Canada which included a battery have been flagged by customs, which will cause an additional delay. They should clear normally after that.

If customs contacts you for additional documentation, get in touch with us – we should be able to help. Message us through Kickstarter or at

And thanks again!

We might sound like a broken record, but thanks again to every backer: we feel incredibly lucky to work with a community like this. It only gets more amazing as we get BlinkyTapes into your hands.

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