BlinkyTape in action-Vix lightpaints live!


The real joy of creating something like BlinkyTape is seeing what happens when it’s out in the the real world, in the hands of users who use it to make amazing, creative things happen. So we love it when we hear stories from people like Vix, who runs a spectacular new LIVE lightpainting experience for lucky audiences in Australia.

Vix and her crew have had some very positive recent reviews, and their facebook page has a list of some upcoming gigs, as well as a some awesome photos from recent shows.

Vix has some heartening words for us about using BlinkyTape:

Until the release of BlinkyTape, we had never used RGB LEDs before, as none of us had any real programming or processing knowledge. The ease and user-friendliness of BlinkyTape and PatternPaint have made this whole new world of lightpainting more accessible. When we bring out the BlinkyTape in the last quarter of the show, audiences can’t believe what they are seeing come to life, even after everything that’s gone before.

Thanks Vix – this is why we created BlinkyTape in the first place. We can’t wait until we get a chance to see your show – world tour?

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