Robot Fest Timelapse!

Robot Fest timelapse from Blinkinlabs on Vimeo.

We know this one is a bit overdue, but we had an excellent time at this year’s RobotFest (especially since we just had this year’s USA Science and Engineering Festival this last weekend.) We had the chance to show off BlinkyTape to all manner of folks, and very much enjoyed seeing the fantastic drones and R2s that they shared.

Stay tuned for an update on last weekend’s festival soon!

Oh, and do you like that sculpture that we’re showing off? That’s a prototype of the latest update in a series of interactive LED sculptures Matt has been working on for several years. As you can see from the brief video, this one is actually somewhat reasonable to assemble with just two people. It’s still a work in progress, but stay tuned for future developments.

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