USA Science Fest


Last weekend, our own Marty McGuire represented us at the 3rd annual USA Science & Engineering Festival in Washington DC.

This is a great event to share info and resources for STEM – it’s OK to be having fun because it’s educational, right? I doubt you’ve forgotten, but a big part of the idea behind BlinkyTape was that it would be really approachable to program, even for first-timers. It’s a simple and effective way to start learning about programming in Arduino or Processing – but warning: this may lead to other projects!

Marty was also there to represent Baltimore Node, a makerspace he’s long been involved with. If you’re located in Baltimore and looking for a little bit of help to get started on the path of make-sploration, head over to a Thursday open hack night.

One more photo after the jump!


Stay tuned for news on a couple of cool upcoming projects!

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