BlinkyTape Goes Retail at Story NYC!


A few weeks ago, we were approached by a very interesting NYC Retail space, STORY. STORY is an innovative retail store that re-creates itself periodically – it’s almost like a retail gallery. They were looking for products for their brand-new collection, called “COOL.” Flash forward to this week, and BlinkyTape is suddenly for sale at in a retail space for the very first time!

I had a chance to check it out yesterday, and it’s really a compelling collection of stuff. The headliner (appropriately) is Aros the new smart air conditioner from Quirky and GE. However, there’s some other great stuff like Grady’s Cold Brew Coffee and Hay Rosie Ice Cream.

And, best of all, COOL includes a special limited edition BlinkyTape package that includes a rechargeable USB battery!

Oh yeah, and this:


So head over to the 10th Ave & 18th St in Manhattan to check it out!

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