Manufacturing Hacks: Cheap LED fan from Taobao

I used to work for a big Toy OEM company. I know some manufacturing processes and how it cost. Sometimes I am really curious about how cheap toys in the China mainland market are made, especially ones from Taobao. Yes, maybe they use some poor quality plastic material. But somehow, the electrical parts still work. They have to cost some money.


Anyway, I bought this LED fan on Taobao with a whole sale price less than $1. Let’s disassemble it to see how the electrical parts work.


Loosen the only screw in the middle to open the fan.


You can find that the motor is power by battery with a power switch and resistor in series. GND is connected to the motor shell which is connected to the spindle by a metal piece B. VCC is connected to the metal piece A which is connected to the Battery positive with a power switch in series.


The metal piece A provides VCC for the LED controller board. The motor’s spindle provide GND for the LED controller board.


The thing that made me most surprised is that the wirebond technique is not only used for LEDs on the FPC, but also used for the connection between the FPC and the controller PCB.

We’ll keep studying more cheap toys to learn the advantage of their process, to improve our future projects. I didn’t think of using bond wires to connect a FPC cable before, and its a new technique to consider for production.

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