PatternPaint allows you to create animations for your BlinkyTape. Preview your changes in real-time, and save your designs to the BlinkyTape for playback on-the-go!

Use PatternPaint to:

Get PatternPaint

PatternPaint 1.8 for Windows
Just run the installer after it’s downloaded and follow the prompts. Note: This installer also includes drivers for the BlinkyTape and BlinkyTile controller. (Not necessary on other operating systems.)

PatternPaint 1.8 for OS X
Open the installer and drag PatternPaint into your Applications folder.

Older versions of PatternPaint are available here.

Using PatternPaint

PatternPaint provides some simple tools for drawing your own patterns. To get started, simply plug your BlinkyTape into your computer, then run PatternPaint.

Here’s an overview of the PatternPaint UI:


Drawing Controls

  • Click in the color selector to change the current color.
  • Click in the pattern area to place points in the current color.
  • Click and drag in the “ToolSize” slider to draw larger or smaller points and lines.

Importing and Exporting Images

  • Click the “Load” button to load a PNG image file. The pattern area will resize to fit the new image.
    • A BlinkyTape has 60 LEDs, so use images that are 60px tall to fill the whole display!
  • Click the “Save” button to save your current pattern as a PNG image.
    • This is a great way to save your favorite patterns for later.

Live Preview Controls

  • The preview frame indicator highlights the frame that is currently displayed on your BlinkyTape.
  • Click the “Pause” button to pause or resume the live animation.
  • Click and drag in the “Speed” slider to make the animation preview move faster or slower.

Saving Your Pattern to the BlinkyTape

One of the best features in PatternPaint is the ability to save patterns to your BlinkyTape for later. When you do this, the tape will play this pattern back whenever it’s plugged in to a power source.

When you’ve fine-tuned your pattern, just click the “Upload” button to save it to tape! You’ll see a progress bar, and the tape will stop for a moment — now your tape will remember its pattern after you’ve disconnected it from the computer! Or just connect again to fine-tune.

Factory Reset

If you find that you miss the lovely default rainbow animation, PatternPaint can help you with that.

  1. Connect your BlinkyTape to your computer via USB
  2. Open the PatternPaint program
  3. Click the Connect button.
  4. In the menu bar, select Tools, then Restore Rainbow Sketch
  5. After a moment, your BlinkyTape should be swirling colors with the factory default rainbow program.

Advanced Usage

PatternPaint is written in Qt and the source code is available right here.