New Audio Visualizer — BlinkySpectrogram!


So, yes, as we were saying the blogging and such. Well, it’s been a fairly quiet time at global BlinkinLabs HQ as we cook up some new, amazing junk. However, we’ve also been doing just a little in terms of smaller stuff.


Like this! A brandy new audio visualization for your BlinkyTape!

Still reading…that’s awesome! The new audio visualizer is called BlinkySpectrogram and, as you might have guessed, it’s based on the concept of a spectrogram which is a type of technical visualization of audio. Basically, it does some clever analysis (called an FFT) that organizes the sound into time-based slices, and looks to see what frequencies are present in each slice. This visualization is showing pretty much one slice at a time on yout BlinkyTape, and I like it a lot.

The frequencies are organized into bands, which are arranged in octaves…that means doubling instead of linear, which is closer to the way we hear things, psychoacoustically. Bands with more energy are redder, and those with less are darker and bluer.

Cool right? OH, well, I guess you want to try it first. So grab Processing if you haven’t already, then the files, your favorite virtual audio cable (see the README, but basically you’ll want SoundFlower on OS X or VB-Cable in Windows) and then fire up an example. I suggest LCD Soundsystem’s Sound of Silver which should provide a good demo for you.

And as always, let us know what you think on the forum and we’d happily accept some improvements to the code if you’re savvy!

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