RainbowMaker Prototype

RainbowMaker Prototype Installation @nycresistor from Ethan Hartman on Vimeo.

A few short weeks ago, while our fearless leader, Matt, was in Brooklyn, we undertook a marvelous undertaking: installing a near-magical prototype high on a wall over an archway at one of our favorite haunts, NYC Resistor.

Stills don’t do it justice – check the video for a brief but magical taste of the RainbowMaker in action.

Thus, meet what we’re calling “The Maker of Rainbows,” or “RainbowMaker” for short – it’s a prototype of a board that can power up to 8 4-meter LED strips (or more!) and it’s perfect for medium- to large-scale lighting installations or, yea verily, wall art.

Matt and I spend quite a while rigging this up – it required the use of hacksaws, laser cutters, wire twisters, ladders, and more! (OK, in this case “more” is probably just “hex keys.”) But, in the end, we were able to firmly attach the RainbowMaker to the century-old brick wall in the wave format you see here. If you head to Resistor’s Interactive Show you should see it in action.

I know what you’re thinking: when can I have my own RainboMaker? We’re still working on the details but we do hope to be able to commercialize something like the RainbowMaker soon. If you’re excited about it, send some love over our way with your Twitter machine – @Blinkinlabs.

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