OK, Let's BlinkyTape

Meet BlinkyTape

First off, welcome! This is good stuff. We've had a blast making BlinkyTape, and we're real glad you're here. BlinkyTape is a community project, and we really need people like you in order to continue the awesomization of LED strips everywhere.

BlinkyTape is for Sale Now!

We're very pleased to say that you can now find BlinkyTape for sale at Adafruit Industries and Seeed Studio.

What the Heck is a BlinkyTape?

BlinkyTape is a super-cool LED strip with full-color RGB LEDs and an integrated microcontroller. We created BlinkyTape in order to make LEDs easier to use. A big part of this was making sure that it's easy to make programs that will talk to BlinkyTape. But -- and this is a big but -- you don't need to program in order to make your BlinkyTape do awesome stuff.

Phase One: Get your BlinkyTape up and running with PatternPaint!


Great, let's get up to speed -- let's install PatternPaint , a custom software program which is designed to help you animate your BlinkyTape with a simple visual editor. PatternPaint is especially super for making patterns in long-exposure photography or persistence of vision but it's also good for just making cool stuff happen on your BlinkyTape strip.

Windows users: this package also contains the drivers, so you need to start here!!

Other platforms don't need special drivers, but PatternPaint is still a great way to start your BlinkyTape experience.

We also hope to showcase cool community projects here, and we have a few examples to get you going, so check out BlinkyTile, AmbiTape and DiscoParty - all these are extremely cool, in our opintion, but we're looking forward to even cooler stuff coming from the community.

Phase Two: Program your own amazing project using Arduino or Processing.


Fantastic - as we said, we're super-duper excited about what the community comes up with. So far, we've been doing most of our programming in the Arduino environment or Processing. Processing is great for projects where your BlinkyTape is hooked up to a computer - head over here for more info on how to get started down that road.

If you're interested in making a new stand-along BlinkyTape program, you probably want to create a new sketch using Arduino. Check that out over here.

Or you can just jump over to the Blinkinlabs Github to get your hands dirty right away. There are even some examples in other languages like Perl and Python!

I'm having trouble with my BlinkyTape

Have no fear, just head over to this page with some troubleshooting tips for common BlinkyTape problems, RIGHT HERE

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